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Refreshing Logic

Branding / Print for Business Consultancy

Refreshing Logic consultancy business card design

Refreshing Logic are business consultancy specialists, who work in a variety of sectors throughout the UK.

The Challenge

Refreshing Logic work with a wide variety of clients so their visual identity needed to communicate their unique approach without referencing any specific sectors. Inspired by our series of Trellick Tower brutalist architecture prints, they really wanted something clean, fresh, modern and minimal.

Our Approach

Without having a specific sector to reference, we chose to concentrate on their company name and approach. An 'impossible' Penrose pentagon was selected to convey their fresh approach to business consultancy, to suggest a new kind of logic.

The Results

The logo has a minimalist geometric style to communicate their structural thinking and to give a stable, trustworthy feel, also uses a contemporary gradient for the colours. In addition to creating their new logo, Refreshing Logic asked us to design their wider business stationary including business cards and letterheads.

Refreshing Logic consultancy logo design
Refreshing Logic consultancy letterhead design

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