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Branding / Database Website / Mobile App / Illustration for Children's Online Encyclopedia

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Q-files is a fully illustrated free online encyclopedia for children worldwide, launched by Orpheus Books.

The Challenge

Orpheus Books asked us to create the design and branding for an engaging visual web based learning tool for children, providing an alternative to traditional encyclopedias aimed at adults. They had been disappointed with previous attempts made by other design agencies so we needed to win them over with a stunning visual concept.

Our Approach

We presented some eye-catching concepts with an intuitive layout that would appeal to children and adults alike, and in a way where we could use colour coding to differentiate the sections for History, Science, Space and so forth.


We also created a simple logo based on the globally recognised search icon of a magnifying glass, and bespoke illustrations for tiled wallpaper backgrounds for each colour coded section of the site, to give an inviting feel of the inside covers of traditional printed encyclopedias. Nearly 40 bespoke illustrations specific to each of the individual categories were created. The illustrations had to be warm, friendly and suitable for children, whilst being fairly physically accurate and detailed, yet simple enough to work when small.


The functionality for the data-led website, built by our Developers, developed through an agile design process as the brief for the project grew. Thousands of articles and images were imported by the client, with great attention to detail, with all articles verified by experts.

The Results

Q-files have had great feedback on the design and the articles, and is becoming a popular learning tool for children in the UK and worldwide at home and in schools. We are thrilled to hear that even the former Prime Minister is a fan!

Ongoing Aims

We hope that Q-files will become known as the No.1 online children's encyclopedia! Our Developers also set-up a sister site specifically for schools in Kenya and we have built a new mobile version of the site that we hope will inform an offline app later this year which we are really looking forward to creating, so watch this space...



DR Solutions (Web development)


View the website at:

Q-files mobile website photo
Q-files mobile website photo

"The website is fantastic in idea, design and information. I will keep a look out for the app!" [Letter to Q-files from the PM]

David Cameron

UK Former Prime Minister

Tutankhamun illustration
Space satellite illustration
Trilobite illustration
Knights helmet illustration
Buddha statue illustration
Crystal illustration

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