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We particularly love working on third sector, charity & ethical projects. Our full Ethical Policy is below.

Boo&Stu never knowingly undertake any work for a client or project we believe may be directly causing, or in any way supporting, cruelty, exploitation or damage to people, animals or the planet.

This includes not working for any businesses that create, sell or promote the following:-


  • The manufacture or trade of weapons.
  • The manufacture of tobacco products.
  • Biotechnology or the development of genetically modified organisms.
  • Nanotechnology or the development of products utilising nanotechnology.
  • Extraction, production or distribution of fossil fuels (unless also specifically investing in and promoting renewable energy).
  • Manufacture of chemicals.
  • Unsustainable timber trade.
  • Unsustainable fishing trade.
  • Manufacture or involvement in any way with the animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries or household products or their ingredients.
  • Exploitation of animals for entertainment including zoos, other than for conservation or rehabilitation purposes.
  • Experimentation or use of great apes for any purpose.
  • Factory farming practices or food/drink that has been produced by factory farming methods.
  • Involved in or promotion of blood sports including fox hunting, deer stalking, hare coursing or badger baiting, or hunting, shooting or fishing for recreational or entertainment purposes.
  • Involved in or promotion of the animal fur trade.
  • Involved in the gambling industry, unless in aid of charitable causes.


If you have any questions at all please email


Ethical Banking

Boo&Stu have a business account with the Co-Operative Bank who have their own ethical policy and code of conduct we adhere to.


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