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Branding / Print for Dorset Charity

Dorset Badger Vaccination charity business card design

The Dorset Badger Vaccination Project (DBVP) was set up to provide a professional badger TB vaccination service for Dorset farmers and landowners.

The Challenge

We were asked if we would design the logo for the newly established Dorset Badger Vaccination Project (DBVP). The government policy to cull badgers to attempt to control the spread of bovine TB (in cows) has caused many heated protests throughout the UK, and we have previously worked with Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare (DBBW) on their logo and print work to help stop the badger cull coming to our home county of Dorset.

Our Approach

DBVP were keen to avoid the badger cull debate, and wanted to instead focus on providing a practical, cost effective and down to earth solution to farmers and landowners. We therefore chose to take our inspiration from established organisations that their target audience may already use and trust, such as the National Farmers Union (NFU) and veterinary surgeries.

The Results

An earthy colourway was chosen to reflect the feel of other countryside institutions and avoid any association with charity campaigns. A simple sans serif font was chosen to create a direct but trustworthy feel. Both badgers and cows are visually represented in the graphics for instant recognition.

Ongoing Aims

We continue to work with DBVP to create any print work as and when needed such as artwork for branded t-shirts and we created a poster for a local pre-election Hustings event that the group organised.


Dorset Badger Vaccination charity logo design
Dorset Badger Vaccination charity poster design

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