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At Boo&Stu we're passionate about good design and we know the benefits good design brings to our clients.

We also believe that designers can help to shape our world both visually and conceptually, and as such we are in a very good position to help positively influence the values that underpin all our lives.


For this reason we believe in 'Designing for Good' and we have even developed our own ethical ethos to define the kind of jobs we love doing and those we definitely won't do.


We were recently asked by some design students from different UK universities what ethical design means to us, so we thought we'd take a few minutes to briefly explain our thoughts here in our blog...


What is Ethical Design?

In the design world, the ethics of design and using design for worthy causes has been a topic of discussion for many years. From the 'First Things First' manifesto first published in the mid 1960s, to 'Design for the Real World' by Victor Papanek in the early 1970s (before Boo&Stu were even born!), to current questions around sustainability and the environment, design has often wrestled with it's conscience.


However, being 'ethical' is a fairly vague term and we have realised that it can mean different things to different people.


Being an ethical company can be as simple as making sure you are honest and treat people with the respect they deserve (which is something we have always believed in since our first days as freelancers over a decade ago), or it can be as all encompassing as being a full blown eco-warrior.


What does Ethical Design mean to Boo&Stu?

For Boo&Stu being ethical means using our design skills to make sure we contribute to the world in a positive way and, most importantly, we try our very best not to contribute to anything we feel is harming the environment, people or animals.


Our official line is that; "Boo&Stu never knowingly undertake any work for a client or project we believe may be directly causing, or in any way supporting, cruelty, exploitation or damage to people, animals or the planet."


In practice this is quite varied, but it can mean:-


  • working closely with the third sector and charities to help them achieve their goals and connect with their audience through good design (from logos and infographics to brochures and websites)
  • working on projects that help areas of particular concern such as climate change, animal welfare, human rights, or that support local communities
  • working with businesses who choose to work more sustainably within their chosen market; whether it's a sweat-shop free fashion brand, a cruelty-free beauty salon or an organic vegan food producers
  • working with like-minded businesses who share our ethical values; whether a local heath practitioner who is passionate about natural holistic healthcare, or an online retailer who sells products that enhance people's lives
  • just simply choosing to work with good people who we feel are not contributing anything negative to the world, as long as they adhere to our own Ethical Policy.


In our spare time we even run a voluntary animal welfare group called Compassionate Dorset and a social enterprise called the Compassion Collective where we create art and t-shirts to raise awareness and funds for charities.


We've switched to 100% green electricity

Our studio has been powered by a 100% renewable energy suppliers since 2012, so when our clients choose us they can rest assured that whatever we are creating for them, it's being powered sustainably.


This may seem like a small gesture but we think this an easy way for any company to be greener, and we believe that small changes can add up to make a big difference.


We love to work with ethically conscious people

Whatever the project, we love helping to empower like-minded businesses and organisations by using design to promote their products or services, widen their audience, and hopefully in doing so, make the world a little bit brighter.


If you want to work with people who share your ethical values, and at the same time can produce beautifully crafted and engaging design work that will help you communicate effectively to your audience, then Boo&Stu would love to hear from you.


Take a look at some of Our Work and if you like what you see simply get in touch.

about stu

Stu Jones is Boo&Stu's Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Born in the New Forest and now living in Dorset, Stu graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 2000 with a degree in Fine Art: Painting. He developed a love for illustration and creating characters, and became a Freelance Designer in 2004 and in 2015 officially combined forces with his Web Designer partner Anna to form Boo&Stu. His work has been featured in magazines and the Victoria and Albert Museum London, and in 2016 Stu launched his first illustrated children's book.


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