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ECEAE Botox Campaign

Illustration / Print for ECEAE Coalition Charity Campaign

Botox charity campaign poster image

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) are an alliance of European organisations that successfully campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals.

The Challenge

ECEAE members wanted to hold a week of action to increase public awareness of the testing of Botox on mice, in order to put pressure on manufacturers to use alternative non-animal tests. They felt that they needed a unifying image that all members could use in promotional materials, and asked us to create an illustration around the main slogan of the campaign 'Poisoned for Beauty'. The image needed to be fairly upbeat so people would want to share it, but at the same time it needed to clearly illustrate the main slogan.

Our Approach

Rather than including photographs or illustrations of people, we decided to keep the mice centre stage and instead suggest the idea of wasteful, antiquated scientific experiments. We did this by referencing the Victorian practice of keeping animal specimens in jars of formaldehyde, whilst closely linking them with the Botox product which is injected like a drug by needle.

The Results

The final illustration was really well received by all members of the ECEAE and was used across Europe as part of the campaign, in everything from social media campaigning and leafleting, to street marches and protests.

Botox charity campaign poster image

Ongoing Aims

We continue to work with ECEAE members Cruelty Free International on other campaigns.

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